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Free support and advice

We have a comprehensive roster of partner organisations that can help you scale your business. Providing free support and advice across all the critical areas of your startup, including technology, investment, pitching, company structure, talent, go to market, going international, accountancy, marketing & communications and insurance.

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10 The Bradfield Centre

Access our network of support, advice, discounts, services and facilities from a range of leading companies


Raising money for your startup

Cambridge angels

Leading UK business angel network providing smart capital from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.

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Innovate uk

Helping your business to make step changes towards scale.

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UKBAA Angel Hubs 1

We are a UKBAA Angel Hub. The UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) is the national trade association for angel and early-stage investment.

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Structured startup growth programmes, networking & introductions, and promotion of your startup

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Startup advice and structured programmes, with onsite support.

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Our members qualify for free F6S Alpha Membership and other benefits.

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Tech east

To accelerate the growth, and amplify the success, of the digital tech economy in the East of England

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Growth works logo 1

Growth Works supports growth ambitious and fast-growing businesses and organisations across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

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To help Cambridge be, and be seen as, the world’s leading innovation ecosystem

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IM9d Xri E 400x400

A vibrant community for companies involved in the development and application of wireless technologies.

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CBA logo

Connecting entrepreneurs and business leaders in LATAM and Cambridge.

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Education and Skills

Providers of education and skills who deliver content at The Centre.

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Explore the processes involved in transforming early-stage technologies into commercial business opportunities, providing a practical learning experience for students and commercialisation insights for inventors.

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We help people from any background learn the practical and personal skills necessary to design their own future in the tech industry.

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We're offering a unique platform where young minds can explore, innovate, and transform their creative ideas into something tangible.

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Delivered by Biotechnology Business Institute (BBI), sign up for Europe's first dedicated Life Science's MBA.

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Access to a range of discounts, support and free credits.

Google cloud

Our members have access to a range of discounts and support from Google.

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Aws activate

Our members have access to a range of discounts and support from Amazon Web Services.

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Microsoft for startups

Our members have access to a range of discounts and support from Microsoft.

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Our members have access to a range of discounts and support from Nvidia’s Inception program.

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Our members have access to a range of discounts and support from Autodesk Technology Impact Program

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Our members have access to a range of discounts and support from Solid Solutions 3D CAD

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Free memberships, help with taxation and invoicing and general financial advice for start-ups.


We believe that if you work in the technology space you need to be quick on your feet. PEM is the leading firm of accountants, tax and business advisers based in Cambridge

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Metro bank

Our ambition is to be the UK’s best community bank. That’s why we’ve made sure our award-winning Business Bank Account is perfect for start-up stars, entrepreneurs and side hustlers who are determined to make their dream a reality.

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From hiring, insurance and business law. Support for the daily business needs that often get forgotten.

Cambridge science park

Scale your business on the Science Park

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Taylor vinters

Taylor Vinters is a global legal and advisory practice, supporting innovation ecosystems and the businesses that drive them.

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Bailey fisher

Hiring for the future & making the most of your board

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Hr ready

HR compliance, rapid growth and expansion, recruitment and on-boarding.

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S tech

Insurance essentials for startups

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IP Strategy, Investment Readiness, Branding & Design Protection.

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Tuspark uk

UK-China industry collaboration.

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Support for marketing and selling your product, whether that’s online, offline or overseas.


Launching a company or product? Need a comms strategy?

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Cambridge tv

Marketing videos, podcasts and streaming events

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Covering all things tech from the heart of the UK’s Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation

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PSN BR blog social image

Discover the UK's most interesting pre-seed startups every Tuesday and Thursday

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Founder Story Logo Bradfield 1

Founder-focused personal branding consultancy. Positioning strategy, story development and photography. Increase visibility. Build trust. Attract investors. Engage customers.

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