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Cambridge Science Park

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Cambridge science park

Since it was established by Trinity College in 1970, the Cambridge Science Park has played a pivotal role in the “Cambridge Phenomenon” - the transformation of Cambridge from a market town with a world-class university to one of the leading technology hotspots in the world.

Today the 152-acre site is home to over 140 businesses ranging from spin-outs from the University of Cambridge to multinational companies seeking access to the brightest graduates and entrepreneurs from Cambridge’s diverse talent pool. Many are working on potentially life changing technologies from personalised medicines and non-invasive cancer diagnostics to artificial intelligence, IoT, defense and connectivity - to name just a few.

The Park has just completed its latest phase of development with the recent completion of 360,000 sq ft of office buildings and a 40,000 sq ft Bio Innovation Centre as well as significant upgrades to the public realm, landscaping and transport infrastructure.

Meet the Science Park Director who is based in The Bradfield Centre to discuss facilities in the park, and get connected to the larger business based in the park.

Speak to one of The Bradfield Centre team to get started.

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