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A collaborative entrepreneurial community of technology startups.

Housed in a stunning building at the heart of the Cambridge Science Park, The Bradfield Centre is designed to appeal to entrepreneurs, researchers and students, and is home to innovative high growth start-up and scale-up businesses.

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About the bradfield centre

About Us overview

Reason for being

Our reason for being

The Bradfield Centre’s facilities are designed to accelerate businesses to new levels. The aim is to attract smart, ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs and companies from both Cambridge and around the world; co-locate them in scalable, state-of-the-art facilities; immerse them in a collaborative, entrepreneurial culture; and connect them to investors, partners, mentors, advisers and potential customers. Accelerator programmes will be run on a wide range of business and technical topics. These will be a core component of the Bradfield Centre’s offer which is designed with one goal in mind – to help grow Cambridge-based businesses to a large- scale.

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The Cambridge Technology Cluster is world renowned

Cambridge enjoys a vibrant science and tech ecosystem, benefitting from a world class university to produce ideas and products that have literally changed the world. Learn more about Cambridge innovations from gene sequencers to round tea bags!

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Cambridge technology
In the heart of cambridge science park

In the heart of the famous Cambridge Science Park

The Centre benefits from being part of the Cambridge Science Park’s 6,500 strong community. The Park is currently home to over 100 companies ranging from successful spin-outs from the University of Cambridge to multinational corporations. A programme of continuous investment enables the Park to evolve to meet the needs of its occupiers. As companies scale and outgrow the Bradfield Centre they will be offered expansion space elsewhere on the Park.

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Sir John Bradfield, CBE

We are named in honour of Sir John Bradfield CBE who was the outstandingly successful bursar of Trinity College Cambridge between 1956 - 1992. Among his many achievements was the founding of the Cambridge Science Park which opened in 1970, and was the first of its kind in Europe.

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Bradfield centre facts and ficgures

The Centre facts & figures

The Bradfield Centre was part-funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and is managed by workspace operators Mantle Business Centres on behalf of Trinity College. Some fun facts: The Centre is 40,000 sq ft. 8,500 tonnes of concrete were poured, there are 244 panes of glass on the building, a total distance of of 3.83 km was bored into the ground when piling the foundations - the equivalent of approximately 36 football pitches, 31,500 nails were used to construct the building, and 32,000 hours were spent on the construction project - the equivalent of 3.5 years.

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