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Delivered by The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School, EnterpriseTECH and EnterpriseTECH STAR explore the processes involved in transforming early-stage technologies into commercial business opportunities, providing a practical learning experience for students, commercialisation insights for inventors and a platform for building an early-stage venture pathway. EnterpriseTECH runs twice a year and EnterpriseTECH STAR once a year.

Why is entrepreneurship education valuable?

Entrepreneurship education equips you with real-world business knowledge, empowering you to increase your capacity for generating ideas while developing the skills needed to make them happen. Building this personal capacity strengthens competencies that contribute to rewarding, self-determined lives that add social, cultural and economic value to society.

EnterpriseTECH is a three-month extracurricular programme that offers a stimulating team experience where learning-by-doing develops your intuitive decision-making and helps you identify business opportunities. It also builds skills around creative problem solving, innovating, strategic and design thinking, communicating, influencing, leading and increased financial and business literacy.

EnterpriseTECH STAR is an intensive 10-week extracurricular programme offered to graduates of EnterpriseTECH that help you evolve your own business idea in preparation for competitions, incubators and accelerators.

Who can attend the programme as a student?

The programmes are designed for people studying for an undergraduate degree or engaged in research at the PhD or postdoctoral level or similarly experienced industry professionals. As a result, there is a strong STEM influence across the programmes. Our goal is to create a new generation of science-minded researchers who value entrepreneurial thinking, creativity, confidence-building and hands-on experience, curious and motivated to join or establish their own unique ventures or move into the business world.

Where do the projects and business ideas come from?

For EnterpriseTECH, we invite project proposals from inventors across academia, early-stage ventures and industry. Although more in the background, inventors play a prominent role in the learning experience for our students. Inventors are usually in a senior position within their organisation or are founders of new ventures themselves, e.g. academics, founders or CEOs. We generally select projects that reflect our funding interests and cohort profiles.

For EnterpriseTECH STAR, we look out for promising students eager to flesh out their own business ideas that lie in the Human or Earth spheres, e.g. new therapeutics, healthcare, genomics, climate emergency solutions, energy, food security, AI and deeptech.

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