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Why You Should Be Using External Meeting Rooms

It goes without saying that private meetings are an essential part of day-to-day business life and for lots of companies, they are essential, especially when it comes to making big decisions. More often than not, companies don’t have large meeting rooms so these meetings will simply take place in a spare room in an office building or sometimes even the staff room. However, there is no denying that these aren’t always the most productive places to use.

When you’re next organising an important meeting, it is worthwhile considering an off-site external meeting room. Many business centres these days offer meeting room hire and there are numerous benefits to holding your meeting in one of these rooms. If you’re wondering whether meeting room hire is really worthwhile, keep reading today. Our team here at The Bradfield Centre have put together a list of reasons why you should consider it.

Neutral ground

Sometimes, meetings are held with the desired outcome of making a big decision and this is often enough to make people feel nervous or slightly uncomfortable. Simply taking these types of meetings off-site can make attendees feel much more at ease and as if they’re on a level playing field. This usually means that people aren’t so worried about voicing their opinions too.

Complete privacy

Even when having a meeting behind closed doors in your office, you run the risk of passersby overhearing. This can sometimes lead to incorrect information being spread around the office. Of course, when arranging external meeting room hire, you won’t have to worry about this. You can trust that anything discussed will be completely private and only heard by attendees.

No distractions

Often, when having a meeting in your office building, attendees can feel incredibly distracted. They may be able to hear their phone ringing or the meeting may even be disrupted by visitors. Thankfully, when you arrange to have a meeting offsite, everyone will be fully immersed in the conversation. You will have no distractions and this can lead to greater productivity.

Increased creativity

Time is money in business and if you waste time in a meeting with no useful outcome then this can be incredibly frustrating. If the business is stuck in a rut or you’re looking for some new ideas then having a brainstorming meeting off-site can really help. A simple change of location can enhance creativity and help attendees to think outside of the box.

Comfortable surroundings

It isn’t uncommon for meetings to last much longer than predicted and if attendees are uncomfortable then they can quickly switch-off and lose focus. When using a meeting room for hire, you can ensure that everyone is comfortable. The space will be big enough so everyone has somewhere to sit and you may even be able to benefit from extras, such as aircon, too.

Taking advantage of meeting room hire

All in all, there are numerous benefits to using external meeting rooms and there is no denying that it could be a brilliant choice for some of your work meetings. Whilst you may not choose meeting room hire for everyday meetings that you need to have, it is worthwhile considering these services for important meetings or maybe even meetings with potential clients or investors.

If you’re searching for a business centre that offers meeting room hire in Cambridge, visit The Bradfield Centre website today. We have large boardrooms and also a range of smaller meeting rooms for hire in Cambridge, all of which may be beneficial to your company. You can guarantee that all of these rooms will be bright, spacious and beautifully designed. They are also fully-equipped so you’ll have everything you need to get started. If you have any questions at all about our meeting room hire in Cambridge, please contact our team today.