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What You Need To Know About Virtual Office Spaces

These days, it isn’t uncommon for companies not to have a traditional office space and often, they will be based in someone's home. Whilst this can work incredibly well and reduce unnecessary overheads, if your business address is your home address then, of course, this may cause issues.

There is a solution available for companies who still want to work from home but would like to come across more professional, virtual offices. Not many people will know what a virtual office space is and if you’re wondering whether this could be a good solution for your company, keep reading today. Our team here at The Bradfield Centre have put together a short guide covering all of the basics regarding virtual office space.

What is a virtual office space?

Simply put, as the name suggests, hiring a virtual office space is when you ‘virtually’ hire an office. Whilst this may seem confusing, it is actually incredibly simple. A company can essentially use a business centre’s address as their company's address and also hire a range of other office services without actually having a physical office space at the business centre.

The benefits of a virtual office space

Ultimately, when choosing a virtual office space you will have many of the benefits of a physical office space just without having an actual space. Some of the benefits include;

Professional business address - as mentioned above, when you have a virtual office space you can use a business centre's address as your own, this automatically makes you seem more professional and gives the impression that you have your own office.

Professional business contact number - as well as a business address, you can also have a business phone number too and again this will make you seem more professional and prevent all calls from going to a mobile.

Virtual receptionist - sometimes, when you have a virtual office space you can also have a virtual receptionist who will answer calls for you in your company name, handle any customer enquiries and forward calls onto you when required.

Mail handling - seeing as your post will be delivered to your new business address, you will also benefit from post services where someone will ensure that your post is forwarded to your home address as efficiently as possible.

In short, a virtual office will give any clients the impression that you have your own fully-fledged office when in reality, you simply just hire the specific aspects of an office that you require.

Additional services offered alongside a virtual office space

Often, one of the only worries for companies using a virtual office space is what happens when a client wants to meet. It is important to remember that the address you will be using is a real address for a business centre, so it is an existing office space.

The majority of business centres that offer virtual office space will also offer additional services that may be beneficial to you as well. For example, they can provide you with meeting room hire so you are able to meet clients on-site at your business address, preventing any confusion.

Starting to use a virtual office space

It is clear to see that a virtual office space is a brilliant idea for all companies that are based from home and it is an incredibly easy way to make your business look much more professional. There is no denying that it doesn’t always make sense to rent a traditional office space if you’re successfully working from home but, a virtual office space will be able to provide you with solutions to any issues you may be facing when your home is your office.

If you’re interested in a virtual office space in Cambridge, please visit The Bradfield Centre website today. Our business centre is situated at the Cambridge Science Park and it is the perfect address, especially for companies in the technology sector. If you would like to find out more about our virtual office space in Cambridge, get in touch with our team today, we will happily discuss this service with you in more detail.