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Why You Absolutely Still Need a Meeting Room in 2022

Though you might not initially think it, there is still a huge, fundamental role for meeting rooms to play in the business world in 2022. Despite widespread corporate shifts to digital working and online communication platforms, there is simply no replacement for face-to-face meetings and in-person collaboration. Meeting rooms encourage and promote teamwork, boost creativity and serve many vital purposes for businesses, startups and organisations.

If you are a business owner or startup founder considering whether you need a meeting room, read the following post by The Bradfield Centre. It goes into further detail about the numerous benefits of meeting rooms and how they can help your team flourish.

Interruption-Free Conversations

Online meetings are notoriously difficult to coordinate, as every team member is situated in a different place. This means that there’s noise coming from several individuals at once, and it can be challenging to have a conversation that flows naturally. However, in a meeting room, this won’t be the case at all.

Meeting rooms are quiet spots that have no distractions or interruptions. Every individual involved in the meeting will be able to focus, hear each other clearly and contribute to the conversation. Without excessive noise and working from home distractions, your meetings will be far more productive and effective. You’ll be able to get down to business immediately, achieving more.

More Privacy for Meetings

Similarly, meeting rooms are beneficial in terms of privacy. If your startup or business is typically meeting in a public setting, you’ll be well aware that these sorts of environments don’t give you much privacy.

But with a meeting room like the ones The Bradfield Centre provides, you’ll have your own space to chat and share openly. You won’t have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your conversation; everything you say will be kept private and confidential.

Make Good First Impression on Clients

Furthermore, another reason to hire a meeting room is to have a positive first impression on prospective clients. Being able to meet with clients in a professional setting will enhance your company’s image. It will increase trust in your firm, which will help you to win clients and new business in the long-term.

Have Better Internet Connectivity

Meeting rooms usually come with a dedicated high-speed internet connection. Therefore, by hiring a meeting space, you will be able to access rapid broadband speeds that you can’t get working from home or elsewhere. What’s more, the internet connection will also be far more secure and safer for emails, as well as other confidential communications including sending sensitive documents.

Require a Business Meeting Room Hire in Cambridge?

If your business is interested in hiring a meeting room to conduct future meetings and collaborative work sessions, then The Bradfield Centre is firmly the leading choice in Cambridge. We offer flexible meeting spaces, giving companies and organisations the ability to hire a meeting room both by the hour or for an entire day. In addition to this, our meeting rooms include phone and Skype booths for members who want added privacy and quiet.

Whatever your individual meeting room requirements, we can guarantee that you have access to a modern, productive and creative space - whenever you need it. We’re home to more than 100 companies and over 7,000 people, so you’ll also have ample opportunity to network and meet other individuals.

To enquire about our business meeting room hire in Cambridge, and our various membership options, contact The Bradfield Centre today on 0333 00 66 330, or by email at Our professional team is on-hand to discuss your needs and plans further.