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Why Virtual Office Spaces and Working From Home is Becoming the Norm in 2022

More and more businesses are now switching to working from home and hybrid-working options, with virtual office spaces becoming the new thing and the norm for many businesses across the UK. Just a few years back, working from home wasn’t as popular as it is today, and most of us had to go into our offices daily. Now most companies are adopting flexible working options, with virtual offices becoming something that we hear about more and more.

Today our team at The Bradfield Centre wanted to discuss the rise in home working and its benefits, and how a virtual office space could be the solution for your working from home needs.

A Rise in Homeworking and the Benefits

For years it has been ingrained in us that 9 to 5 office-based work was the best thing for a business and the ‘right way’ to work. Pretty much all of us were going into our offices every day, facing a long stressful commute, spending large amounts of money on travel, and getting barely any time at home. With many companies now shifting their approach to a working from home model, it has changed the way that we see work, and allowed us a whole new range of benefits and flexibility to our lives.

For many people, working from home has been a huge positive change to their lives with many preferring it to the old office based working model. One of the main benefits that employees find when working from home is more of a work-life balance. They are able to get more done throughout the day that they wouldn’t have if they had to be stuck in an office, and have more of a relaxing and flexible working day.

Working from home also allows you to save time as you do not have to commute to and from work everyday, freeing up several hours of your day, meaning that more time can be spent exercising, with family and friends, and relaxing. By not commuting you are saving costs too, by not spending thousands of pounds a year on travel. The list of benefits could go on, but there are also a few drawbacks to being fully situated from home.

Virtual Offices

With many companies now adopting a fully working from home model, it has allowed them to save a lot of money on things such as office rent, electricity bills, commuting costs and much more. But if you are working fully from home without an office to call yours, you are also missing out on a lot of things. For example, you don’t have a professional business number, an office address or a receptionist.

Enter virtual offices, the solution to all of these problems and more. Here at The Bradfield Centre, we have various workspace options for businesses including a virtual office option which may be the ideal solution for you if you are switching to a fully remote approach for your business.

Our virtual office membership option allows you to have all of the added benefits of having your own office space - from the comfort of your own home. We designed our virtual office option to give businesses a new way of working, by giving you the safety and comfort of working from your home without having to miss out on anything.

With our virtual office space, you will have a receptionist to answer all of your calls for you, saving you a lot of time spent on the phone. You also get to call our prestigious Cambridge address your own, so you do not have to use your own home address on anything work related. This means that all of your post will get sent to The Bradfield Centre, and we then send it directly to your home for you.

You also will get to save a large amount of money by not hiring out an office space or a co-working space. You will be saving money spent on office hire or rent, overheads, and other costs and expenses that come with the running and upkeep of an office. Essentially you get all of the benefits of having an office, without actually having to have one.

Contact The Bradfield Centre to Find Out More

You can get in touch with our team at The Bradfield Centre today if you are interested in our virtual office spaces by filling out the enquiry form via our website and schedulling a call back. Or if you’d prefer you can give us a call on 0333 00 66 330 or email us directly at We look forward to hearing from you.