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Which Flexible Workspace Best Meets Your Needs?

As one would expect, flexible workspaces are alternatives to the traditional option that is taking a lease out within an office building. However, what you may not realise is that there are a number of different variants that you can take advantage of. Here to delve a little deeper into the specifics, and explain what you can expect from each option, is The Bradfield Centre’s specialists.

Virtual Office

Easily one of the most popular examples of flexible workspaces, virtual offices are being adopted up-and-down the country. In case you were unaware, this means that you would be working from a location of your choice - for example, at home. However, you are able to cite The Bradfield Centre as your base of operations, which can be appealing to prospective clients. Not only this, but phone calls meant for you are first directed to a receptionist, heightening the perception of professionalism.

Meeting Room Hire

There will undoubtedly be times during your company’s operations whereby you are required to have formal meetings; these could be with existing partners, or perhaps potential customers and investors. Whatever the case may be, it is understandable that you will want to conduct these in a top-tier location. This is where the meeting room hire offered by The Bradfield Centre is extremely effective. Simply dictate what day, or days, you need the space for, along with the hours which you will require, and the issue is subsequently resolved.


If you are someone that wants to take full-advantage of flexible working, the chances are that the home-flexi option is most ideal for you. In essence, this involves forging an agreement which determines the number of days, per month, you require to operate within the office. For example, the time that you spend conducting reading and more menial tasks can be spent at home. However, should you need access to technologically-progressive equipment that can revolutionise the way that you work, you can spend it within a first-class office environment.

Benefits Of Flexible Workspaces

As one would imagine, the primary benefit associated with adopting a flexible workspace option is the money that it can save you in the long-run. No longer will you be forced to waste money on a space which you are not directly benefiting from. Studies have also shown that this is a fantastic way in which to foster productivity amongst your workforce. The ability to operate within an environment that is both relatively relaxed, as well as stimulating, can produce exceptional results. If you are someone that has experimented with a coworking space, but prefer to have somewhere which is dedicated your business’ needs, the solution is evident - sign-up with The Bradfield Centre.

Why Choose The Bradfield Centre?

Have you recently been financially impacted by the economic repercussions caused by the coronavirus, and subsequently want to reduce the monthly price of your office space? Are you interested in adopting a policy which encourages working from home, but with the option of commuting in once-in-a-while? To those of you that can relate to either of the previous scenarios, we are delighted to inform you that The Bradfield Centre is here to help. Not only do we have top-of-the-range facilities within our establishment, but we are also able to facilitate state-of-the-art digital services to our clients. Should you wish to learn more about the ways in which we can be of assistance, we ask that you reach out using the contact methods described on our website.