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Virtual Offices, The Solution Of The Future

For those of you that consider yourselves to be fairly knowledgeable in the realm of corporate operations, it will come as no surprise that virtual offices are becoming more-and-more popular in the UK. In terms of innovation, there are few solutions which can match that which went into this type of work environment. Here at The Bradfield Centre, we have had the privilege of working on a number of these types of projects. As such, we are ideally-placed to provide some context as to why you should consider giving a virtual office in Cambridge a try.

Low-Cost Investment

If you have spent any time weighing up the pros and cons associated with virtual offices, it should have quickly become apparent to you that the primary benefit is that which is related to costs. In a standard office, you can expect to have to pay for repairs and maintenance work, even if it does not directly relate to your firm. This can be slightly frustrating, not to mention that it may have repercussions on future investments. Thankfully, this is a problem that is negated when you opt for a virtual office.

Improved Business Reputation

When you are liaising with prospective clients or investors, the chances are that you are trying to display an air of professionalism. Unfortunately, this can be rather difficult when you are operating from the comfort of your own home, for the simple fact that you will not be using a business address. Some firms may look upon you with disfavour if they realise that you are not operating in a traditional location. A fantastic way around this is to engage in a virtual office service, and this will subsequently provide you with a registered office address, and an accompanying telephone answering service.

Flexible Working Environment

The flexibility associated with virtual offices is second-to-none, and can certainly prove to be invaluable in the long-run. If you have a particularly successful run, and the time comes that you wish to expand your operations, you may encounter difficulties should you be working in a rigid corporate complex. On the other hand, were you to be working from your domestic property, you need only increase your budget slightly, and subsequently your additional employees will be able to take advantage of the same benefits.

Increased Workforce Productivity

There are undoubtedly some of you that believe that working remotely can have a detrimental impact on the way that your employees work - this could not be further from the truth. When you remove your workforce from a noisy environment, you greatly reduce the number of distractions around them. As a consequence, they are able to focus solely on the work in front of them, and this means that productivity will benefit as a result. Though you may not be able to utilise office space and meeting rooms, the upsides of virtual offices far outweigh the negatives.

How Can We Be Of Service?

Have you been entertaining the idea of investing in a virtual office space in Cambridge, but so far have been unable to locate a firm which lives up to your expectations? Do you live relatively close by, and want to ensure that there are sufficient transport links available to make regular visits? To those of you that can relate to the aforementioned scenarios, allow us to introduce ourselves - we are The Bradfield Centre. Situated in the prestigious Cambridge science park, we have some of the finest facilities in the local area, and will do all that we can to leave our clients smiling-and-satisfied. For more information, we suggest using one of the contact methods on our website to get in touch.