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The Precautions That The Bradfield Centre Has Implemented In Response To COVID 19

Anyone that works in the business sector will be able to testify to the revolutionary changes that have had to come into play, due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. In truth, what was once regarded as ‘normal’ has simply become a foreign concept, and the current state of affairs is likely to remain like this for months, if not years, to come. To those of you that were thinking of finding a new office space, allow The Bradfield Centre to shed some light on the precautionary measures that we have in place.

Social Distancing Measures

Since the initial lockdown that was brought into effect last year, social distancing has proven to be one of the most important and effective ways in trying to combat the rapid spread of coronavirus. When you attend The Bradfield Centre, you will be pleased to learn that we are dedicated to continuously enforcing these protocols until the government informs us to say that it is no longer necessary. Whilst some may say that this is overkill, we believe that the onus is on us to do all that we can to protect our residents.

Comprehensive Signage

The wide variety of signs that you can expect to find in The Bradfield Centre will no-doubt amaze you. That being said, we believe that they are perfectly necessary. Some, for instance, look to try and implement a one-way system in certain areas of the building that are rather narrow. Others will highlight the importance of regular hand washing, as well as reminding individuals to adhere to the two-metre rule. All of them serve incredibly important purposes, and will be there for the foreseeable future.

Air Conditioning Features

The installation of air conditioning units has arguably been one of the most popular changes that has been brought into effect due to the coronavirus pandemic. The reason that this is such a desirable feature is because it regularly filters out dirty air, and subsequently cleanses it. Whilst you will certainly enjoy the coolness of our rooms, it should be the fresh air that you are able to breathe which brings you the most satisfaction.

Thorough Cleansing

As you may expect, one of the biggest changes that has come into force over the past twelve months is the increased amount of cleaning taking place. Studies have shown that particles that contain the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for extended periods of time. Therefore, in order to try and reduce the rate of transmission, The Bradfield Centre has transformed the previous cleaning rota into one that is ironclad. This, we hope, will provide you with some peace-of-mind that we are remaining vigilant.

Looking To Get In Touch?

There may be some of you reading this that, having heard the proposed roadmap relating to the easing of lockdown restrictions, are now looking at potential working environments that you can relocate to. Should you wish to have access to the Cambridge Science Park, and enjoy the benefits associated with being linked to Trinity College Cambridge, your search for a viable solution may have come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Here at The Bradfield Centre, we have worked long-and-hard to become the leading choice for businesses that operate within the technological sector. Our facilities are second to none when it comes to quality; we want only the best for our tenants. As you can see, we have sought to be proactive in relation to COVID 19, and have everything that you could want to stay safe. Why not give us a call today on 0333 00 66 330, and see what spaces we can offer you?