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The Corporate Landscape - How Is The Bradfield Centre Involved?

Each and every day, innovative devices are being developed and manufactured which have a truly profound impact on the way in which we live our lives. Here at The Bradfield Centre, we have sought to become a hub of corporate activity; if you would like to learn more about the way in which we are involved in the world of business, feel free to continue reading.

Corporate Innovation

As mentioned above, when you come to The Bradfield Centre you have the chance to work with a company that deeply cares about your development as a firm. It is for this reason that we play host to a number of entrepreneurial schemes; these allow businesses to get involved in activities which not only offer networking opportunities, but also greatly enhance their skills within their field. A prime example of this is MedTechBOOST - in essence, this was a collaboration between academics and technologists, with the main aim being to assist the NHS in utilising artificial intelligence to fight mental health issues. With more than eighteen organisations involved, this was considered to be a resounding success.


Whilst it is certainly true to say that, at present, we are home to a number of well-established firms, when you come to The Bradfield Centre you have the chance to incorporate yourself into a facility of equal opportunities. We believe in making our office building one that can be utilised by start-ups within the technological industry. Investing in the future is vitally important, and we have the utmost belief that those who lease from us will be making a positive impact on the world. With such programmes in place as the Scale Up Academy and the Professional Director Series.

The Trinity Bradfield Prize

Anyone that is even vaguely familiar with the city of Cambridge will know that it is home to one of the most prestigious universities in the country, if not the world. With some of the sharpest minds around within a short commuting distance, it was an easy decision for us here at The Bradfield Centre to open our doors to University of Cambridge students - this is in the form of the Trinity Bradfield Prize. In essence, this provides those who study at Trinity College a chance to gain funding for their particular field of study; not only this, but they will subsequently be able to attend countless networking events which we play host to. This scheme can prove to be a stepping stone to bigger-and-better things for those who apply themselves.

The Bradfield Centre - Who Are We?

Do you want to work at a business centre that has a wide-array of different office suites, all of which are kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment? Would you like to rent a serviced office on the ground floor of a highly-regarded corporate property? The chances are that you will benefit from the services provided by The Bradfield Centre. For those that didn’t already know, we are the home to world class facilities, and are recognised for being in possession of some of the finest offices to rent in Cambridge. We strive to provide an environment which can truly enhance your working experience. Should you have any questions regarding how we can be of assistance, we ask that you use the methods published on our websites contact page - from here, you will be put in touch with one of our representatives.