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Questions To Ask When Booking An Off-Site Meeting Room

Many companies these days choose to hold some of their meetings at off-site business centres. It goes without saying that there are numerous benefits to doing so and it is worthwhile considering if it isn’t something you have done before. Of course, due to the increase in popularity of booking off-site meeting rooms, more and more businesses sites are offering external hire and this can make choosing a space quite difficult.

If you’re currently looking for business meeting rooms to hire in Cambridge and you’re not sure where to even start, keep reading today. Our team here at The Bradfield Centre have put together a list of different questions you should ask yourself to get you started. Thankfully, with many different meeting venues to choose from, you should easily be able to find something in the Cambridge area that meets all of your needs.

How many people will be attending the meeting?

This is one of the first things to think about whenever you’re looking at meeting rooms to hire. Of course, the vast range of rooms available will dramatically differ in size, so knowing how many people will be attending the meeting can really help. You will want to choose a room that is big enough for everyone to comfortably sit down but that isn’t unnecessarily big.

How far will people be willing to travel?

Location is also incredibly important to consider and you need to ensure that everyone attending the meeting will be willing to travel to any off-site meeting rooms you hire. Think about the distance from your current work location and also, if possible, attendees distance from their homes. You should be able to find a convenient local location.

Do you need to bear in mind all forms of transport?

Whilst you’re looking into the location of different meeting venues, also make sure you consider how people are going to get there. Make sure you think about things such as parking availability as well as whether any attendees will require public transport to get to the venue too. Thinking about these things in advance can prevent any hassle closer to the date of the meeting.

How long will you need the room for?

Depending on your reasons for arranging the meeting, it goes without saying that the duration will vary. So, consider how long you think you’re going to need the meeting space. If you’re ever in doubt in this regard, arrange the room for longer than you think you’ll need. The last thing you want is to have to rush or cut the meeting short.

Are you going to need any additional facilities?

Now you know how long you think your meeting is going to last, also think about whether you’re going to require additional facilities. Will you need to take a break for lunch? If so, ensure you check if the meeting venue has a fully equipped kitchen or somewhere attendees will be able to get something to eat and drink.

Will you require audiovisual equipment?

Also, take some time to consider whether you’re going to require any equipment in the room. If you’re going to be using a presentation in the meeting, it is likely that you will require audiovisual equipment, so make sure this is available. Remember to also bear in mind things such as internet access and WiFi.

Have you got a budget in mind?

Whenever you’re booking an external space for work, you need to think about how much you’re able to spend. Ensure you’re thinking about your budget before you start looking at meeting rooms to hire, this will then enable you to automatically narrow down the many different options that you have.

Booking an off-site meeting room

Hopefully, when taking the time to consider your answers to the questions above, you will now know exactly what you’re looking for in a meeting space and, in turn, find it much easier to narrow down the many different options available. It goes without saying that by thinking about the different business meeting rooms for hire in Cambridge and not just jumping into booking something that may not meet your needs, your meeting will be much more successful.

If you’re searching for a meeting room to hire in Cambridge, please visit The Bradfield Centre today. Not only are we conveniently situated in Cambridge Science Park, but we also have a range of fully-equipped meeting rooms that you can use too. Whether you’re looking for a large boardroom/conference room or a smaller meeting room, you can guarantee that we will have something available to meet your needs. If you have any questions at all about our business meeting room hire, don’t hesitate to get in touch today, we will happily assist you further.