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Perks That Upgrade Your Office Experience

Nowadays, it’s not just solely about the office; it’s about all the other little extras and perks that come alongside an office. Individuals, startups and businesses want office spaces that provide additional benefits such as breakout areas, places to eat, cycle facilities and much more.

If you are thinking about renting an office in the Cambridge area, then The Bradfield Centre team has put together a short post that details a few of the perks you should look out for in an office space. Read on to find out more, and contact our team if you’d like to make an enquiry today.

Onsite Cafe

One of the best perks that you can have is a dedicated onsite cafe space that sells fresh healthy food and drinks. During the working day, there are always periods that call for a nice hot drink such as a cup of coffee, and having a nearby cafe onsite will allow you to get your drink without travelling far. What’s more, a cafe will also give you somewhere to buy your lunch and get a snack when you need a pick-me-up in the afternoon. Therefore, if you’re looking for somewhere to situate your startup, we’d recommend finding somewhere that has its own cafeteria.

Serviced and Equipped Kitchens

Similarly, you’ll ideally want to find an office facility that comes with its own kitchen spaces. Many people bring in a packed lunch or a ready meal for lunch, so you need to ensure that your office environment can accommodate this. Having a modern kitchen area that is serviced by a member of staff, and stocked with teas and coffees will significantly upgrade your daily experience at work. You’ll be able to make a hot drink whenever you want to, and bring in your own food too.

Breakout Areas

Another perk that is a great benefit is somewhere that has large breakout areas. Some small meetings require a change of scenery, and what better place to conduct an informal meeting or chat than in a dedicated breakout area. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to locate your startup, you should think about choosing somewhere that has breakout areas you can use on a regular basis. These areas are always great for temporarily getting away from the office floor.

Cycle Racks and Changing Rooms

Finally, lots of people in Cambridge like to cycle into their workplace. As a result, a major perk is if you find an office space that also has dedicated cycle racks and changing rooms. This will allow your team to safely store their bikes, and also get changed ready for work once they’ve reached the office. Having changing rooms and showers is another additional extra that makes it easier for your staff to come to work. It will also improve their work-life balance, allowing them to keep doing all the things they like to do.

Interested in Offices to Rent in Cambridge?

Whether you’re a startup, business or individual, if you’re looking for an office space in Cambridge, then The Bradfield Centre is the number one choice. We provide first-class office facilities in a stunning, state-of-the-art location that will meet all your requirements. You can rent a private office space, and make it entirely your own. This means you can use your own branding and style, and personalise your office exactly according to your preferences.

We have offices to rent in Cambridge for businesses and startups of all sizes and scales. No matter if you have just 4 people in your team, or you need an office space for more than 50 people, then The Bradfield Centre is the ideal place to situate your business.

To learn more about our first-rate, professional offices to rent, and make an enquiry - please call us today on 0333 00 66 330 or email us at You can also drop us a message via the online form on our website, and we’ll respond shortly.