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Why Do People Still Love Private Office Spaces?

For many years, the debate surrounding what constitutes the perfect working environment has continued to rage. Whilst some of the younger generation will advocate the flexible coworking options provide something which has been missing in the past, many firms remain confident that their needs are well-served by private facilities. As an establishment which offers both of these types of contracts, The Bradfield Centre is well-positioned to offer some valuable insight into why it is that time-and-again, private offices are being sought out ahead of the alternatives.

Creates A Community

It is not difficult to see why so many small firms decide to choose flexible office spaces; after all, this can provide them with access to like-minded individuals with which to network. However, if you have already worked tirelessly to put together a team that is the epitome of ‘high-quality’, this is a redundant exercise. Instead, you can use your brand-new office to try and build a communal spirit between you and your workforce; the effect that this can have on morale and productivity is nothing short of incredible.

Reduced Expenses

On the face of it, you would be forgiven for thinking that your finances would be better-preserved by engaging in a flexible workspace. After all, this will allow you to split your costs with other firms. However, this is a route that can also see you paying for features that you do not regularly make use of, such as printers and fax machines. Therefore, in the long-run, you might find that you are able to reduce your outgoing expenses by paying for a modern office that is solely dedicated to your company, rather than opting for a coworking space.

Healthier Option

In light of the coronavirus pandemic which has swept across the globe in the past twelve months, it is only natural that you will want to do everything in your power to ensure that transmission of the virus does not take place within the workplace. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to move to an office building within which you can remain segregated from other firms. By doing so, you no-longer have to worry about the hygiene regimes of other firms. Provided that you take the necessary steps, contamination should cease to be an issue.

Improved Flexibility

If you are the head of a firm that has aspirations to continuously expand, you need to try and find somewhere within which there is space to grow. Unfortunately, this is not always possible when you elect to work within a coworking office, as they may have the lion’s share of the space. Thankfully, this is not a problem that you will encounter within your own private office. When you bring a new employee on board, you will simply have to allocate a desk for them, and subsequently sit back and watch them flourish.

A Bit About Us

Whilst you might think that office spaces in Cambridge are relatively easy to come by, few can offer you the same number of amenities that are present at The Bradfield Centre. Our serviced offices, from a quality perspective, are second-to-none, and we would love to share these with you. The fact that our commercial property is accompanied by a vast car park, allowing your team to commute with ease, as well as public transport options to the city centre, means that we are always putting our tenant’s convenience first. Why not send us a message today at and see why we are one of the leading office providers in the city?