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How Using a Co-working Office Space can Benefit your Employees

Have you thought about using a co-working office space for your business, and how this can positively benefit your employees? The mental health of your employees is vital, and we know that as employers you aim to do everything that you can to help your employees and make their time at work enjoyable and positive every day.

Using co-working office spaces is on the rise, and more businesses than ever are looking at flexible ways of working with many resorting to a fully working from home model. Working from home is great, however, many people enjoy working in a proper office space and there are many benefits that your employees can gain from being able to work in a co-working space.

Today, our team here at The Bradfield Centre wanted to cover the benefits of using a co-working space and how it can help your employees.

Benefits of Using a Co-working Space for your Employees

Allows for Face to Face Interaction

One of the main benefits of using a co-working space for your business, rather than working fully remotely is face-to-face interaction. Your employees will be able to benefit from speaking to others, whether it's their colleagues that are in on the same days or staff from other businesses. They are able to converse, interact, network and share ideas and meet new people or interact with their colleagues more.

This can increase connection and reduce loneliness, two things that people can suffer from when being based fully from home. Often people can feel isolated working from home, and find it hard to break up work life from home life which is where a co-working space can be really beneficial.

The Use of Facilities

By using a co-working space, your employees get the benefit of being able to use the facilities. Depending on your co-working space of choice, this can include things like wi-fi, kitchen facilities, meeting rooms, and phone booths. This means that your employees don’t have to use their own internet and struggle to find a connection, host meetings virtually, and try to find somewhere quiet to take a call. There may also be added facilities such as coffee shops, showers, and break-out rooms for them to use giving them extra perks to working for you. Added benefits are always a plus.

Increased Productivity

For many people, working amongst others can increase productivity. By seeing other people hard at work, it can motivate them to do the same. It can also decrease distractions, as when you are at home you can easily get distracted by things and end up working less efficiently than you would in an office. But when in a co-working space, your employees will have higher levels of focus, concentration, and productivity.

Co-working Space at The Bradfield Centre

The Bradfield Centre is a collaborative entrepreneurial community of technology start-ups and scale-ups, and we have several workspace options available including our co-working space.

You can choose from our home-flexi and dedicated desk options, depending on if you want a hybrid working mix or a dedicated desk to call your own. Or if you’d prefer a private office space, we also have the option for you to have your own private office at our centre that you can brand and style as you like.

Our dedicated, professional team at The Bradfield Centre make sure that our centre runs smoothly, and continually monitor our systems to make sure that you are offered the latest technology, that our interiors are fresh and contemporary, and that we provide you with the best co-working space available.

By using the Bradfield Centre as your co-working space, your employees can benefit from our beautifully designed meeting rooms that come in all shapes and sizes, as well as phone and Skype booths available to provide your employees with privacy and quiet. We also have a 12 person fully-equipped bright and spacious boardroom that you can use.

Our bright kitchens are serviced regularly, fully equipped and stocked with teas and coffees for your use throughout the day. Or if you’d prefer to visit our on-premises cafe, it is open Monday to Friday and offers an eat-in and takeaway service for all of your breakfast, lunch and snack needs. Choose from a variety of delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch options, with vegetarian and vegan alternatives available.

We also have over 30 showers and changing facilities available, for those that cycle or even jog to work or perhaps like to exercise on their break. Alongside many other benefits of using our co-working space. You can view our brochure which explains our workspace options in more detail.

Contact The Bradfield Centre Today to Find out More Information

Interested in using The Bradfield Centre as your co-working space? We are always welcoming new businesses. If you’d like more information about our workspace options, or to book a tour of our centre then you can contact our team today. Feel free to fill out the enquiry form via our website for a call back, or if you’d prefer you can give us a call on 0333 00 66 330 or email us directly at to speak to a member of our team.