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Five Workspace Options at The Bradfield Centre

In the last two years, the business world has changed dramatically. There has been a worldwide movement to more flexible working practices, and there are now so many options for individuals, startups and businesses to choose from. In this informative post, The Bradfield Centre team has listed five workspace options that might be of interest to you. Read below to find out more, and if you’d like to make an inquiry - please contact us today via the details below.

Virtual Office

In today’s digital, virtual world, getting a virtual office is a fantastic investment. This type of workspace is ideal for individuals who work from home (or WFH as it’s commonly known) or are based remotely. It gives you a prestigious work address, which will make your startup or business look professional and credible. What’s more, you will get all of your phone calls and mail taken care of by a dedicated team at The Bradfield Centre.

Dedicated Desk

There is nothing that can replace having a physical, tangible desk where you can base yourself. Having a space that’s yours with all your equipment, files and items can do wonders for your productivity and efficiency. Here at The Bradfield Centre, we can provide you with a permanent desk that comes with onsite storage and gives you unlimited 24/7 access to the Centre. If you’re a startup looking to reach the next level, then a proper desk is an ideal investment.


Over the last couple of years, there has been a global shift towards hybrid working - combining both WFH with working from the office. If you would like to mix the two, then the Home-Flexi option at The Bradfield Centre is the ideal choice. This enables you to work from home and also access a high-quality workspace when you need it. All you have to do is decide how many days per month you require a physical workspace, and we’ll arrange for your space to be set up and ready for you.

Private Office

Having a personal, exclusive office is an excellent way to improve your productivity, and increase your wellbeing at work. Having somewhere that you can personalise and customise with your own branding and style, will help boost your morale, inspire and motivate you. Here at The Bradfield Centre, we can provide you with a private office for anywhere from just 4 people up to 50+ people. No matter the size of your startup, all your private office space needs will be met at our first-class facility in Cambridge.

Meeting Room Hire

In-person meetings still play a major role in business. They allow individuals to meet, discuss, debate and collaborate on a level that isn’t always possible via digital platforms such as video conferencing applications. If you are scheduling a meeting, sprint planning session or creative meet, then one of The Bradfield Centre’s meeting rooms is a great choice for you. You can hire the meeting rooms you need by the hour or by the day, according to your schedule.

Enquire About Mantle Business Centres Today

Now that you know some more about the various workspace options available at The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, if you’re interested in membership packages, then please do not hesitate to make an enquiry today. You can reach us by phone on 0333 00 66 330 or by email at

One of the Mantle Business Centres team will be on-hand to guide you through our membership options, and give you all the information you need about our first-class facilities. We can also answer any questions you have, and give you unrivalled advice on the best choice for your startup or business. Head to The Bradfield Centre website to learn more about our services today.