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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Startup Coworking Space

Startups thrive on close collaboration and communication. To enable your startup to flourish and advance in today’s competitive business environment, it is vital that you choose the right space for your team to work and operate in. The wrong space can make it difficult for your team to focus, work together, be productive and operate efficiently. However, the right space can mean a world of difference, boosting your productivity and efficiency. It can keep your team engaged, interacting with each other and responding to your changing demands with speed and reliability.

Finding the perfect coworking space is not easy though; it requires a lot of research. To make things easier, the team at The Bradfield Centre has put together a short list that details the main considerations when it comes to picking your startup coworking space. Read below to learn about the important things to take into account.

Most Important Factors to Think About

Choosing a startup coworking space is not an easy decision, with so many different spaces out there and a variety of factors to ponder. Arguably, the biggest factor that you need to research is the facilities that the coworking space offers. Coworking spaces vary by facilities, with some settings just offering the bare minimum, and others providing a plethora of facilities such as communal kitchen areas, free printing, drinks and refreshments and lockers.

It is worth factoring in the amount of facilities that you need - whether you have a large number of employees or just a small, tight-knit team. What’s more, you must consider the personal needs of your staff, particularly if you have employees who need accessible working arrangements. Furthermore, it is vital that you consider the amount of networking space and opportunity available.

If a significant amount of your startup’s operations is dependent on networking and speaking to customers, then you must choose a place that will allow you to network and meet different people. Another important factor is of course price. You will certainly have a specific budget in mind and it is crucial that you locate a startup coworking space that meets your budgetary needs. You will want to find a space that is affordable and can be rented at a reasonable rate.

Book a Tour to View our Startup Coworking Space Today

Should you be looking for a modern startup coworking space that enables creativity, coordination and discussion, then The Bradfield Centre is the premier option. We are a specialist tech hub that caters to startups in the Cambridge area and the wider East of England region. Our space encompasses a diverse range of flexible options to suit all of our clients’ needs. We can adapt our startup coworking space to match your requirements, ensuring that you get the maximum experience possible when you come to our environment.

Our space is ideal for startups who are looking to expand and grow their business, taking it to the next level. We can help your firm to remain creative and collaborative at all times; what’s more, our space is designed to enhance and improve the culture of your working environment. If you like the sound of what The Bradfield Centre can offer you, then contact our team today.

You can reach us directly on 0333 00 66 330 to speak with a member of our team. We can answer any questions you have, provide you with more information and discuss your startup needs in more detail. Alternatively, feel free to drop us an email at and we will respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible.