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Facilities That Set The Bradfield Centre Apart From Other Office Complexes

If you are part of a business that has recently come to the end of its tenancy, and subsequently is searching for a new premises to move into, there are certain features that you will undoubtedly want to take advantage of. For those of you that have lived or worked around Cambridge for some time, you will be well-aware that there are various establishments that will be vying for your attention. However, here at The Bradfield Centre we believe that we are the perfect fit for you, and you can find our reasoning for this detailed down below.


Whilst you may be enjoying a successful period right-now, it is important that you remain vigilant; unless you keep looking to progress, you may quickly find that your business runs into a wall. In instances such as these, the boardrooms that lie within The Bradfield Centre will certainly be a facility that you will want to take advantage of. Here, you and other high-ranking members of your company can discuss how you wish to push forward, and contemplate the various courses of action that are currently available to you.


Depending on the sector that you operate in, there may come a time whereby you need to host a large event. Perhaps you are giving your yearly update to the various stockholders that have a vested interest in your firm; it could be that you are trying to advertise a programme to a large number of potential applicants. Whatever the case may be, you will be pleased to learn that The Bradfield Centre can offer you an auditorium that consists of one hundred seats. We are sure that this will be more-than sufficient to allow you to proceed with your event as-planned.

Changing Facilities

Though these might not be quite as eye-catching or glamorous as some of the other facilities to make it onto this list, it would be unwise to totally disregard The Bradfield Centre’s changing rooms without contemplating the impact that they can have. Should you have employees that work close-by, it is entirely possible that they will want to either run or cycle to work. In situations like this, you can prove to be an encouraging employer by demonstrating that you can provide access to somewhere that they can shower and change - they will not take this for granted.


Within your company, you may look to try and foster something of a creative spirit amongst your workforce. Regardless of the industry that you find yourself in, thinking outside of the box might help to generate ideas that had previously eluded you. This is where co-lab spaces really come into their own. With an assortment of digital displays and whiteboards that you can take advantage of, this room will certainly change the way that you and the rest of your team strategise.

Our Contact Information

When you are on the lookout for a Cambridge-based business centre that has a wide-array of facilities, all of which are first-class from a quality perspective, we hope that it will now be The Bradfield Centre that first comes to mind. Since we first opened our doors, we have always remained committed to working in our tenant’s best interests, and long may this continue. If you believe that our partnership with Trinity College Cambridge could be beneficial to you in the future, or you wish to work in the heart of the Cambridge Science Park, it could not be easier to get in touch - all you need to do is ring us today on 0333 00 66 330.