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CBA is an independent Cambridge born institution which started operations in 2018 as an officially certified “CJBS Special Interest Group” to then evolve and become a University of Cambridge “Alumni Group” and Cambridge Society to operate independently, deeply rooted at Cambridge´s unique global ecosystem at the heart of Silicon Fen, Europe´s Innovation Hub, to create business opportunities for decision-makers throughout the world. Run by University of Cambridge senior Alumni and experts from around the globe in a diverse and multicultural environment.

Our mission is to develop and foster meaningful business activities throughout the world, benefiting entrepreneurs, investors, and managers, supporting the creation and transfer of business knowledge.

Our purpose is to create real world impact by improving the quality of the decision-making process of business leaders, who manage high performing, multicultural and diverse teams.

CBA operates throughout the world with senior Cambridge Alumni and over 60 senior leaders working to promote the presence of Cambridge´s ecosystem and quality decision-making among business leaders through:

•Peer Advisory Boards: Peer groups for C-Level Executives.
•Membership: CBA Nation. Job portal, CBA Tv, Job Portal and more.
•Investment: CBA Ventures. Startup creation and investment unit.

Each month we are pleased to welcome a new group of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and industries, who add real value to the discussions thanks to their personal experiences.

•C-Level Executives

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