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Winners of the 2022 Trinity Bradfield Prize

Published on 25 Jan 2023

2022 Trinity Bradfield Prize

Last night, in front of a packed auditorium at The Bradfield Centre, Sir Gregory Winter announced the winners of the 2022 edition of The Trinity Bradfield Prize.

The judges commented on the incredibly high standard of this year's finalists, finally deciding on the three cash prize winners for 2022.

First Prize (£10,000) - Daniel Buhl
Winner Daniel Buhl

The judges were impressed with the clarity of Daniel's presentation, the traction he has started to generate, including a pilot at Cambridge University Farm, and the size of the opportunity his technology presents for the global dairy industry.

Current methods for bovine bacterial identification take days to produce a diagnosis. This lag results in the inappropriate prescription of antibiotics and revenue loss for the farmer whilst the cow is removed from milk production. Daniel has developed a rapid method, producing a diagnosis in minutes vs. days.

2nd Prize (£5,000) - Mark Carrington, Oxonium Energy
2nd Mark Carrington

A world-first breakthrough, Mark's battery technology impressed the judges with its potential to impact grid-scale energy storage, and even capture carbon.

Mark is working on high-voltage, high energy-density, and air-stable aqueous redox flow batteries for grid-scale energy storage. These features enable substantially lower energy costs relative to other RFB technologies and can be adapted for carbon capture, providing multiple revenue stream opportunities.

The Hellings Prize (£5,000) - Abiel Ma, Vuala
Hellings Abiel Ma Anthony Ma

Vuala's solution automatically separates and liquifies food waste from other wastes, turning them into raw material for biogas and animal feed production within hours on site. This saves 95% of logistic and labour costs while reducing carbon emissions by 75%.

The judges were impressed with their approach, progress, and the potential impact of the technology. We will be meeting them to see if a pilot of their tech is possible in The Bradfield Centre Cafe.

And now... The mentoring begins

Whilst the cash prize winners understandably take the headlines, all the finalists will benefit from high-quality mentoring from an impressive range of organisations:

The Trinity Bradfield Prize

Feedback from the previous winners confirms this is the real benefit of being part of The Trinity Bradfield Prize.

We can't wait to see the winners spending time in The Bradfield Centre as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

All photos by Keith Heppell.

Listen to all the finalists and the judges on The Trinity Bradfield Prize episode of Cambridge Tech Podcast.

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