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The Cambridge Atlassian Community @ The Bradfield Centre

Published on 18 Aug 2022

Atlassian Community has a new chapter in Cambridge, and it’s proudly hosted in the Bradfield Centre. With Jira, Confluence, and Trello’s ubiquitous presence in technology companies, there are thousands of users in the area, who now have a casual place to network.

The Cambridge Atlassian Community is part of a global network of similar communities across the world. Rina Nir, the CEO of RadBee and one of the community leaders, says: “For many people, the Atlassian stack is central to their work. Oftentimes, managing these tools can be a very lonely challenge. Our aim is to ease the struggles and help people grow their expertise. We invite people from all backgrounds. It is the mix of newbies and experts, techies and business managers that make communities so interesting. We can now hold in-person events, and networking is better. Do you want to keep up to speed with the new developments or be ready for your next career more? Community is an excellent way to improve your professional profile while having fun.

We'll hold our events every two or three months. The coming meeting, on the 6th of October will be about Jira Service Management. We’ll have a speaker and then a panel discussion. Jira Service Management is very popular so we expect the session to attract a lot of interest. We have a long list of ideas for future events. Migration to Atlassian Cloud, DevOps, and even soft topics like work-life balance, are high on our list. The agenda and format of the meetings will be driven by the community itself. Thanks to the Bradfield centre we have a great venue, and there’s always going to be pizza & drinks. Our events are free to attend and start at 17:30. The next one is on Thursday, the 6th of October“

James Parton, Managing Director of the Bradfield Center, welcomes the Atlassian Community to the centre: “At the Bradfield Centre, we aim to create a nurturing environment for the local tech community, and in particular for start-ups. From my experience, tech communities are significant leverage to one's professional growth. A strong community also improves how companies use the tools for greater productivity.”

You can join the Cambridge Atlassian Community here: