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The Bradfield Centre co-creates new software company of the year award!

Published on 10 Jan 2024

The Bradfield Centre is deeply rooted in the tech industry, and we believe it is important to recognise and celebrate the achievements of those who are driving innovation and progress. It was therefore a natural step to work with the Cambridge Independent to create the new award category of Software Company of the Year and we look forward to celebrating all the finalists.

At the core of our involvement in the Science and Technology Awards is our belief in the power of flexible workspaces. We know that a supportive and dynamic environment is crucial for companies to thrive, especially in the fast-paced tech industry. The Bradfield Centre offers just that - a space that not only encourages productivity but also fosters a sense of community.

We are thrilled to be part of such an exciting event and look forward to showcasing the incredible accomplishments of tech companies in the Software Company of the Year category, such as those in the increasingly important Software as a Service sector. Together, we can continue to drive progress and shape the future of technology.

Entries are now open.

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