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Podcast - The History of Innovation in Cambridge

Published on 21 Aug 2023
Show Notes 49: The History of Innovation in Cambridge with David Gill

Episode 49: The History of Innovation in Cambridge with David Gill

This week’s guest is none other than the legendary David Gill of St John's Innovation Centre, on walking through brick walls and fostering collaborations to make things happen.

From Cambridge Consultants starting in the 1960, early planning conditions and the potential for innovation and its impact on society, to the starting point with Sir John Bradfield and the Cambridge Science Park.

David talks to us about how the dynamics have changed over the years, how the various science, research and business sites have evolved, and how having a tech job became one of the main reasons for locating here.

We hear the famous quote from Andy Richards: “Cambridge is a safe place to do risky things and we really get a great feeling of how business and academia spark off each other, irrespective of disciplines, much quicker than if they were not in the same proximity.

But it’s not all roses – there are still some enormous challenges, especially around water, energy, planning, and critically inclusive growth – something we’ve discussed numerous times here on the podcast.

For many of the business sites and support services discussed, check out our ecosystem database.

This week's Tech news features Cambridge GaN Devices, Checkit, Marshall, and the upcoming Business Weekly Awards.

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