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Healthy cows, bio-bins, and grid-scale electricity storage win The Trinity Bradfield Prize

Published on 30 Jan 2023

On Tuesday evening Faye and James were at the final of the 2022 Trinity Bradfield Prize watching eight early-stage University of Cambridge teams pitch for a mixture of cash prizes, mentoring, and membership of The Bradfield Centre.

The show opens with Sir Greg Winter, who walks us through the genesis of the prize, how it links to The Bradfield Centre and Cambridge Science Park, and his role as chair of judges.

We are then joined by Richard Turnill, Senior Bursar of Trinity College Cambridge who explains how the prize fits in Trinity College’s vision for supporting entrepreneurship.

We then move on to hear from the finalists, which include #CleanTech #AdvancedMaterials #BatteryTech #BigData #DataScience #AgriTech and #BioTech.

Opening up with:

  • Oxonium Energy (Energy)
  • Vuala (CleanTech)
  • Withdata (Big Data)
  • GAVE (CleanTech)

We bring you a summary of this week’s Cambridge Tech news in partnership with Business Weekly which featured TTP, Bango, CyanConnode, Bulgin, Equistone Partners Europe, Infinite Electronics, Paragraf, TeraView, Founder Institute, Poppy Gustafsson, Darktrace, and Faye chats with Chris Bruce who provides some early insight into the inaugural Cambridge Tech Week, May 8th — 12th 2023.

Then we complete the finalist pitches:

  • Rapid Identification of Pathogens and AMR directly from Clinical Samples (Medical diagnostics)
  • Evoralis (CleanTech)
  • Lark Optics (Metaverse)
  • OvartiX (BioTech)

The episode wraps with live audio of Sir Greg awarding the prizes, and judge Kerry Baldwin from IQ Capital who joins us to provide the judge's perspective, and Kerry provides some great tips for anyone thinking to apply in the future.

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