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EnterpriseTECH Inventor Call 2023-24

Published on 05 Oct 2023

EnterpriseTECH 2023-24 Inventor call A4 double sided

Submit a project proposal for our next cohort of research students to work on while they are learning entrepreneurship skills.

The assigned team delivers a commercial feasibility report and inventors gain access to the STEM enterprise ecosystem.

Want to know if your research results or early-stage technology has commercial potential? What that could look like? Do you want to explore a new market or application?

What are the opportunities for inventors?

  • Start a new business if you haven’t already.

  • Accelerate the commercialisation of your early-stage business idea.

  • Benefit from the insights and market research work of a high calibre team of students.

  • Get customer and market feedback on your invention and a view of how it might be packaged for adoption and investment.

  • Obtain refreshed/new clarity on your product or service.

  • Build out business networks with new connections.

  • Receive a commercial feasibility report and video from the student team.

  • Access to free IP reviews.

    This opportunity is free for inventors, but it does require a time commitment in terms of preparing the short proposal and participating in an informal interview.

    If your project is selected, you will need to attend our Launch Night, arrange regular catch-up meetings with the student team assigned to your project and attend Pitch Night.

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