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Cambridge Startup Events That You May Be Interested In

Most individuals would agree that, as far as cities in the UK go, Cambridge ranks incredibly highly; not only is it visually stunning, but it is also home to some of the leading educational institutions in the country. However, what may have escaped your notice is that there is a rising number of startups that are basing themselves here. Therefore, this is the perfect moment for The Bradfield Centre to guide you through some of the events that could be just what you are in need of.

Importance Of Events

Whilst some of you may argue that this is a relatively obvious point, we still believe that it is worth elaboration on. Simply-put, startup events are designed to give small companies the chance to interact with those who could pose to be valuable allies in the future. Usually centered around a number of keynote speakers, it is important that you absorb the specialist knowledge that is provided during these events. When implemented into your own corporate set-up, they could pay dividends further down the line.

Innovate East

Although they may not be the most well-known firms in the country, there is no denying the incredible impact that Innovate UK are having on the world of small businesses. Working in tandem with the government, but simultaneously being independent, this is an agency that is looking to promote technological development, particularly in startup firms. Innovate East is an event that looks to provide more of an insight into the types of investments they are looking to make in the future, as well as give you the opportunity to showcase what you have to offer.

Spring Budget Webinar

Over the past twelve months, webinars have become a valuable tool and asset within the corporate world, and rightfully so. Rather than put yourself at risk of contracting coronavirus, you can instead learn valuable knowledge regarding your business practices whilst remaining in the comfort of your own home. The Spring Budget Webinar, in case you were previously unaware, is designed to try and impart wisdom unto you in relation to how you can minimise the tax implications that are surrounding your company.

A Little About Us

As you can see, were you to choose The Bradfield Centre as the corporate hub to attend for startup events in Cambridge, you would be treated to some incredibly prestigious functions. However, what you may not have realised is that we have much more to offer than simply facilitating these occasions. Located within the Cambridge Science Park, we have made it our mission to help innovation flourish. This is evidenced fantastically by the glowing Google Reviews that we have been receiving over the years. Should you be looking for a place to work, you need look no further than us.

Want To Find Out More?

Interested in learning from experts that have already made a name for themselves in your particular field of interest, but are unsure of how to make this a reality? Trying to source top-tier Cambridge startup events, yet have found it difficult to locate those which appeal to your firm’s interests? When it comes to sourcing a company that can help you to tick both of these boxes, the only name that you need to know is that of The Bradfield Centre.

Aside from hosting functions such as these, we have also made a name for ourselves as being a fantastic tenant for tech-related firms. Should you be trying to find a new work environment that is tailored towards your success, you may wish to get in touch and find out more. You can do this by following the contact instructions on our website; our team will gladly answer any questions you may have.