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Benefits of a Using a Virtual Office Space for your Business

More often than not, nowadays companies don’t have a traditional office space anymore and work fully from home. Working remotely can suit many businesses and can certainly reduce unnecessary spending and overheads, but there are some problems that you might come across if you choose to be based from home without an office.

Enter The Bradfield Centre with our virtual office space, the solution to your working from home problems.

To some, virtual offices are still an unfamiliar concept and you might be wondering if this is the right solution for your business. Our team here at The Bradfield Centre are here to tell you a little more about our virtual office space option and help you figure out if it is the right option for your business.

Virtual Offices Explained

A virtual office is a physical location that you use as your business address, and is ideal for any business that wants a prestigious location for their company - without the extra cost, spends, or commute. Having a virtual office lets you have many of the benefits that you get with having your own office base but without some of the problems that come with owning or renting a physical office space. It is ideal for both large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, anyone who wants a prestigious location for their business and the extra benefits that come with a virtual office.

What Problems Could you Face Working from Home without a Virtual Office?

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on companies working remotely, with more and more businesses choosing to shut down their offices and work from home. However, this leaves you with no professional address, professional phone number, mail handling service or receptionist. You will not have a lot of the plus’s that you get when you have an office to be based from, but this is where a virtual office space comes into play.

All of these problems would be solved if you choose to go with a virtual office space at The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge. We are fully behind the movement of having more freedom within your business and the ability to work from home, and there is a huge list of benefits to using The Bradfield Centre as your virtual office space.

The Benefits of a Virtual Office Space

Apart from the obvious savings on not paying for an office or office rent, maintenance, lights and power, and saving money commuting, these are just some of the benefits that having a virtual office space with The Bradfield Centre will give you;

Professional Business Address

You will be able to use our prestigious Cambridge address, as your own. Meaning that any clients or business associates that you work with will see your address as our Business Centre’s address. This automatically gives your business a much more professional feel and gives the impression that you do in fact have your own office.

Professional Business Contact Number

You will have a business phone number that goes through to The Bradfield Centre, so you do not have to give out your home number or personal mobile number. This is an excellent plus when giving your number out to anyone that you work with.

Virtual Receptionist

You will be provided with a dedicated receptionist that will take your calls as and when they come in. Meaning that you no longer have to always be there to pick up the phone, and will have another level of professionalism to your business. They will answer calls for you in your company name, handle any enquiries, and forward calls on to you when required.

Mail Handling Service

Your post will be delivered to The Bradfield Centre, meaning that you do not have to have business post delivered to your home. Your post will be forwarded to your home address fast and efficiently.

Enquire About Our Virtual Office Space Today

If you put your faith in The Bradfield Centre, you will subsequently have access to the most-efficient virtual office in Cambridge.

If you are interested in having a Virtual Office space for your business based at The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today. You can reach us by phone on 0333 00 66 330 or by email at

Our team will be happy to discuss your thoughts and future plans with you, and guide you through your various options. Feel free to browse our website for further information on our Virtual Office Space and other membership options by clicking here.