IW Series featuring Babita Devi

IW Series featuring Babita Devi

Here at Central Working, we are passionate about promoting female entrepreneurship and encouraging more women to step forward to become leaders in their organisations and the communities in which they live! We have now launched the ‘Inspirational Women Series’ which is all about celebrating and sharing the stories of many of our female entrepreneurs and the networks or organisations that they run.

Articles like this one are aimed to showcase inspirational women’s stories and designed to let their voices be heard, unfiltered and unedited. We also hope other female entrepreneurs who would like to share their interesting stories are encouraged to reach out and participate in this new initiative.

This article is focused on Babita Devi who is a mother, coach and entrepreneur. She set up bStrategic in 2004 - a marketing company helping organisations connect more effectively with their customers. In 2015, she started a journey of setting up a technology company called mySircles - an App to help build stronger communities. What followed was a journey best described as going from tech overwhelm to tech-savvy with the culmination of mySircles being launched last September. She has also mentored marketing teams and more recently started coaching female business owners. Her 90-day transformation program is designed to help people that are looking to make a change from the inside out, in particular working Entrepreneurs that quite often can be in the way of their own success.

Who inspires you? And why?


My parents because they taught me tenacity. My daughters because they show me what is important every day. People I meet that are Entrepreneurs because their passion and drive comes from a place of wanting to make a difference.

What was the spark to start your business/or why do you like the job that you do currently?


bStrategic – I love the creative side of marketing and can easily help companies to identify how to connect most effectively with their customer base as well as achieve business growth – my customer’s success drives me!


mySircles – came from a very personal need of wanting to connect with other parents whilst moving my daughter across 6 different schools. Parents want an easier way to connect. Now I can take this same product to other communities that are facing similar communication challenges.


Coaching – I have been on my own journey of growth and have learnt so much over the last few years. I now want to share this with other entrepreneurs as it can make the difference between ‘make’ or ‘break’ and once you know how this works, it benefits every area of life.

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome as you scale the business or what is the biggest challenge that you have in your job because you are a woman?


Raising capital and not having a technical background.

What advice would you give yourself 3 years ago?   


Make a decision – even if it is not the right one – it gets you closer to where you need to be!

What are the qualities needed to succeed in your business or in your job?   


Perseverance, determination and positive mindset.

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