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Cambridge Angels - Morning Session

Tomaž Slivnik graduated with an MA, MMath and PhD in Mathematics from Cambridge University. He spent some years in academia before founding a successful technology business. He is a hands-on mentor and active angel investor with an interest in new electronics, materials and other innovative technologies and their commercialisation, technical software, Internet of Things, home automation and other IP-rich engineering and high technology businesses. If your goals are aligned with his, please book a slot to talk to a Tomaž about building technology start-ups and how best to pitch your business to a potential investor.


Cambridge Angels - Afternoon Session

Peter Cowley has been an active angel investor for over ten years, personally investing in over 65 startups. He is Chair of Cambridge Angels. Peter was named UK Business Angel of the Year 2014/15 and Best Angel of the World by the World Business Angel Investment Forum in February 2017. In July 2018, he was elected President of the European Business Angels Network (EBAN) - the trade body representing the early stage investor and startup community throughout Europe. Peter is the Investment Director of the Marshall of Cambridge, Martlet Corporate Angel division. He’s led 25+ investment deals and is currently a non-executive director of four angel-backed technology start-ups, plus a board observer of four others. Peter studied Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, and went on to found thirteen businesses in technology and construction. He has mentored literally hundreds of entrepreneurs and is a Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the Cambridge Judge Business School and a Freeman of the City of London.

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Metro Bank

Metro Bank is Britain’s first new High Street bank in over 100 years, focused on providing amazing service and convenience to customers. It is a full service, fully authorised bank, offering retail and commercial banking services to customers, directly and through brokers.

Metro Bank is a community bank, with each store run by a Local Director. It strongly believes in its motto of ‘Local Bankers Making Local Loans’, and works closely with SMEs to understand their needs. The Bank takes a common sense, business-like approach to all customers, making lending decisions on an individual basis and providing business customers with a personal relationship manager, innovative banking products and amazing technology.

In Cambridge Metro Bank supports early stage companies, their investors and employees with a clear understanding of the challenges facing a start-up, useful introductions throughout our network and banking support as the business grows.

Our model is simple: We lend money, take deposits, provide a full range of banking services and channels, and offer amazing service to our customers.

The Bank is based across Southern England and plans to have up to 100 stores by 2020.

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Amadeus Capital

Office hours with Amadeus Capital on the 6th September, but only if you are not raising money! That's right. You may be thinking why would I meet with a VC if I'm not raising money? Well, we want to help demystify venture capital. Alex van Someren is Managing Partner, Early Stage Funds where his current focus areas include artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital healthcare and medical technology. Chat with Alex for 15 minutes to introduce yourself and your business without the pressure of pitching for money. You might just get a fresh insight or an introduction that could make a real difference.

Please note all of Alex's September slots are now taken.

Cofinitive Communications

Juggling day-to-day activities with development, businesses often overlook the need to review what they’re actually doing, compared to what they think they’re doing. So how can you communicate what a business does if it’s changed? Business strategy needs to inform communications and those communications need to be executed properly to support that strategy. We sit down with companies and help guide them through their comms questions. In past clinics, we’ve covered areas such as social media, PR and networking, but their expertise goes far beyond that.

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Every business needs assistance from finance professionals along their journey. We’re the largest independent firm of accountants in Cambridge with compliance, taxation, business advisors and accounting technology specialists all in one central location. Now we’re bringing our expertise to The Bradfield Centre’s Office Hours, where you can join our Virtual Finance Office team to discuss your specific accounting needs, so you can focus on the business.

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The Bradfield Centre

Housed in a stunning building at the heart of the Cambridge Science Park, The Bradfield Centre is designed to appeal to entrepreneurs, researchers and students, and is home to innovative high growth start-up and scale-up businesses.

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