Paper Cups at the Lakeside Cafe

Last week members of the community raised a really valid point about the use of paper cups in our Lakeside Cafe. So together with our cafe provider CH&Co we wanted to update you all on how we intend to reduce the impact the cafe makes on the environment.

Firstly we have increased our stock of china cups to minimise how many times paper cups are issued. Staff have been trained to default to china, unless the customer requests a takeaway coffee. 

Secondly, we are introducing reusable 12oz Grumpy Mule Keep Cups, as shown in the picture. These will be on sale at just £7.95 and when you buy one, your first coffee is free, effectively making the cup only £5.35 - half the price you'd pay on the High Street. We will let you know as soon as the first batch of cups arrive, but it should be early next week. Not only that, but you continue to save as you will receive 10p off each additional coffee you purchase when using your keep cup. 


Also, don't worry if you already have a re-usable cup. You can bring your own in from home to also benefit from the 10p off offer.

Thanks to Neale Upstone, Daniel Cassidy and Suzanne Morris for flagging this.

Keep the feedback coming, we are listening!

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