News from The Lakeside Cafe

We some exciting news to share with you from the Lakeside Cafe. 

First, we have added a fresh salad bar to our daily lunchtime offer. Forget your run of the mill lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. We are talking pulses, grains, slaw, mixed leaves and pasta with a mind-boggling choice of oils to make them sing. Come and try it out!


Our breakfast offer is also getting a boost. From tomorrow you will be able to pick up bircher pots, fruit pots and yoghurt pots from our grab and go chiller. As a reminder the cafe opens at 7:30am each morning, so beat the rush!

Talking of rushes, we are aware that with the popularity of the Lakeside growing every week, some queuing is happening during the peak lunchtime service.

We have two initiatives underway to help.

Firstly from this Thursday, we will introduce an integrated PDQ system which will speed up the time it takes to process each transaction, getting you through the till faster. This is just the first step. Next we will shortly be introducing a second till to double our throughput. We will keep you posted on when that arrives. The necessity to do this work is all down to your support and custom, so thank you!

Finally, don't forget to pick up a grab and go reusable Grumpy Mule coffee mug next time you visit or bring your own from home to get 10p off each cup of coffee. You can read more about this offer here.

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions let me or my team know, and I will be at the next member's town hall on the 27th March.

Dave & team


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