How To Build A World Class Culture In 3 Easy Steps

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Mikey Trafton – Founder, Blue Fish

Mikey Trafton learned about ‘cultural fit’ the hard way when every employee in his 8-
person startup quit on him in a single day. In this talk from Business of Software
Conference, Mikey lays out what he’s learned since that day about the importance of
building good company culture.

If you’re looking to build a great company, you need to think about building great company culture. This talk offers entrepreneurs and software people a very simple, effective three step framework to consider when building a workforce. If you are in a role where you hire people, this is a must watch.

Watch How To Build A World Class Culture In 3 Easy Steps

  • How to determine what capabilities you need for a given position
  • How to attract the best talent
  • How to ignore useless resumes and screen candidates using other (better)
    techniques instead
  • How to interview (including his favourite interview questions)
  • How to make an offer of employment that will knock the candidate’s socks off
  • How to differentiate your offer from all the others that top candidates receive
  • How to make the candidate feel loved so that they will accept your job offer instead
    of someone else’s
  • How to keep the candidate from accepting a counter offer from their current

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