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Bridget Harris – CEO/Founder, YouCanBook.Me
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residents of the Bradfield Centre. Business of
Software Conference Europe 2019 takes place in Cambridge on 11-12 April at Churchill College.
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“Who you hire will make the single biggest difference to your business” – that’s the premise
Bridget Harris opens with in this talk from Business of Software Conference. As founder of
a SaaS company, Bridget knows this first hand, and wants to help you make sure you hire
the right people for your business.
Hiring the wrong people is not a mistake a startup can afford, but hiring well is difficult.
YouCanBook.Me learned that the best way to hire well is to create a confidence in your
culture that will attract and retain the best for your company.
In this talk, Bridget lays out a framework for making sure you hire the right people. Create a
company that you want to work for, and aim to hire people who want similar outcomes as
you – then document it, describe it, defend it, talk about it, share it, and make decisions
based on it.

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