Forging strong ties between Cambridge University and The Bradfield Centre

One of the unique features of the Cambridge Cluster is of course the world class University of Cambridge. Building strong links and encouraging collaboration between academia and business is a key part of our mission here at The Bradfield.

We are therefore proud to announce partnerships with three University organisations to help forge and foster these links: Cambridge Judge Business School's Entrepreneurship Centre, ideaSpace and the Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC).

These organisations will benefit from access to the newly created partner lounge in The Bradfield Centre which will enable their members to work from The Bradfield’s state of the art facilities, host meetings, connect with The Bradfield’s membership, engage with events, and create their own programming to be delivered at the centre.

Hanadi Jabado, Executive Director of Cambridge Judge Business School's Entrepreneurship Centre, said:

This exciting new partnership with the Bradfield Centre complements the School’s aims to serve the successful development of the Cambridge Cluster and entrepreneurial community through effective entrepreneurship teaching, mentoring and facilitated networking.

Stewart McTavish, Director of the University of Cambridge ideaSpace said:

We’re delighted to be working with The Bradfield Centre team to further enhance Cambridge’s entrepreneurial community. Through shared events, community programming and fostering connections we aim to better serve entrepreneurs and enable them to accelerate their learning and development.

Maximilian Ge, President of the Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC) said:

CUTEC is delighted to work together with The Bradfield Centre on supporting the expanding Cambridge enterprise ecosystem through speaker events, hackathons and our annual Technology Ventures Conference. This partnership will strengthen the growth of the University and the wider Cambridge innovation cluster.

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