How Adelina Chalmers is changing company training for the better

Adelina Chalmers was keen to improve her soft skills, but after taking courses she “ found most soft skills training really boring, it was 99% PowerPoint slides and 1% practice”. Adelina didn’t understand how it was applicable to her situations (she kept wondering “how does this apply to me tomorrow, in my next meeting?”) and didn’t feel it was relatable or added much real value. This is what led her to the idea of The Geek Whisperer, a company that provides courses on how to improve soft skills training, pitch to investors, improve communication, and much more. The courses are designed around how does this algorithm on influencing others to apply to your real work scenarios. Adelina is dedicated to making each course as beneficial to her clients as possible, which is why she earned her company name.

ARM, Cambridge University, FeatureSpace, Repositive, Speechmatics are just a few of Adelina’s clients. In college whilst studying architecture and technical drawing, she used to translate complex maths functions into stories for classmates so they could understand the complex equations and functions the teacher was talking about. She even was invited to teach classes 2 years above with her maths teacher, as Adelina as always had a knack for transforming abstract things into stories. “Now I do it the other way around, I translate soft skills into algorithms so that people can understand soft skills are not that soft. There are rules and algorithms too in a presentation, a negotiation or when influencing someone!”

The Geek Whisper now operates from the Bradfield Centre because of its open layout and the culture. “What I love about Bradfield Centre is the friendly, open, and approachable culture that James Parton (Managing Director of The Bradfield Centre) has created.” The fact anyone one from the Science Park can drop in, and you can constantly interact with follow tenants makes the Bradfield Centre the ideal location for Adalina. “I had a chat with one of the engineers over coffee, and the next thing I know he sends me a lead to a potential customer.” Future plans involve is working with James and I are doing a podcast called scaling failing and prevailing, with some amazing speakers lined up such as James Urquhart (co-founder of ARM). And on Friday, February 1st she is hosting The Cambridge Startup Billion Pound Scaleup Challenge, where 3 Cambridge startups can pitch their businesses to a panel high profile investors and entrepreneurs including executives from Amazon and UBS as well as Arm's co-founder Jamie Urquhart.

Adelina is always happy to have a coffee with any tech company leader who has trouble with investors or staff, so stop by The Bradfield Centre any time.

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