Soft Skills for Tech Leaders Who Think Coaching is a Waste of Time?

  • 15th June 2018

  • Workshop

  • 11:15 AM-1:00 PM

Do you have tech execs in your organisation who lack interpersonal skills?
Did you suggest executive coaching and they turned it down, perhaps claiming it would be a waste of their time?

We're running a workshop on How to Approach Soft Skills with Tech Leaders Who Think Coaching Is a Waste of Time.
Workshop limited to 15 places

If this is a challenge you face in your business, come to this workshop to share/discover:

What do other executives in tech companies do to deal with this issue?
What tactics have worked before?
Techniques how to approach your tech execs and help them become more self-aware and collaborative.
Who is it for?
Tech companies of 50+ employees.

This workshop is for: HR/Learning Directors, VP Engineering, Heads of Engineering/other departments, CTOs, CSOs, CEOs, MDs.

What They say about Adelina Chalmers’ approach:
“I realised I was expressing disagreement in a negative and demotivating way. Somehow, Adelina has managed to make me become much more conscious. It gave me a workable method I still reuse in real life. Based on my team's and manager's feedback, they perceive me as more patient and less blunt than before." 
Patrick Wohlschlegel, Senior Engineering Manager at ARM

Who will run the session?
Adelina Chalmers a.k.a The Geek Whisperer

Adelina transforms communication skills into algorithms, protocols and formulas leaders who are engineers / scientists easily understand.

The first engineer Adelina helped with his communication skills became an MD who was skilled in pitching his ideas, and three years later became a multimillionaire.

Adelina currently works with the University of Cambridge, helping engineers and scientists from across the world learn how to launch their innovative technology by partnering with industry.

Clients include ARM, Taylor Vinters, Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge Enterprise, Cranfield University School of Engineering and School of Business, McKesson, Pearson, National Institute of Agriculture and Botany, British Society of Plant Breaders, Agritech East.

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