Optimisey's Twelfth Meetup

  • 18th July 2019

  • Meet Up

  • 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Optimisey is a new meet up for all those that have ever wondered (or been asked) "How do I get to the top of Google?"

For the 12th Optimisey SEO event, more web traffic increasing goodness comes from:

Jasmine Granton, Aira Digital
Jono Alderson, Special Ops, Yoast.

Jasmine is going to talk all about link building and outreach. How do you get those links (you know THOSE ones - the ones that really move the needle and boost your rankings); how do you contact those site owners and get them to link to you?

Jono is going to talk about the 'Three Rules of SEO' - and how to prepare for his vision of the future of search engines.

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