• 11th May 2021

  • Online Event

  • 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

We have been hosting our women in tech conference for over five years. In fact, we have welcomed over 5,000 women through our doors since 2015. We are not a large media company, we are an organisation that has been championing women in tech for the past 13 years. To us, its personal. 17 per cent of women in the industry is not just not enough, it needs to change.
Each year, we work with our community at WeAreTechWomen to identify what tech innovations and topics you would like us to cover as part of our annual conference. We build our agenda around that feedback – giving you what you want to not just accelerate your careers, but to understand about the wider work of tech, and how this will affect the future world of work. This year, we are going to be bringing you the very best global virtual learning experience. Our conference will provide ample opportunities to learn about emerging technologies and what is innovating and disrupting the industry. We are blessed to be given time from some of the world’s finest speakers who will be joining us to share their wisdom and knowledge. We will deliver innovative sessions on over 50 different areas of tech, with a side order of career development and ample networking opportunities. By attending you will also be helping others. For every ticket bought, we will gift a ticket to an individual out of work, a returner to the industry or a youngster studying for a tech career. We hope you will join us.

Who should attend?
Anyone from any industry who works in tech
Those looking to transition into the industry
Individuals who are keen to understand how tech will affect the future world of work
Those looking to grow their networks in the tech space
Those whose work touches the periphery of tech
Students and returners
What are we covering
Future World of Work, Technology Trends, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, The Future of Data, The Wonder of Wearables, Data Science, The Future of Drones, FinTech, Internet of Senses/ Touch, The Future of Robotics, Cloud Technologies, Quantum Computing, Coding, Innovation in Health Tech, Prop Tech, Legal Tech, Transformation & Change, Food Tech, Property Tech, Home Tech, Education Tech, Ethics in Tech, Green Tech, Cloud Native, DevOps, Agile, Blockchain, CryptoAssets, Tokenisation, De-Si, Collaboration Tools, plus much more.  SEE FULL AGENDA HERE

Career Based Sessions
How To Get Into AI, Challenging Your Inner Imposter, Fireside Chats With Leading CEOs, CTOs & Founders, Harnessing Your Resilience, How to Make Yourself Heard, The Art of Public Speaking, Leading With Empathy, How can we Remove the Barriers for Women in Tech, How to Ace Your Career, Working from Home, How to Accelerate Your Career, Has Anyone Seen My Confidence, How To Transition In To The Tech Industry, The Importance of Mentors and Sponsor, The Legal Journey for Female Founders, Start-Up Stories

Diversity & Inclusion
The Tech Talent Charter, Unleashing the Power of Disability In Tech, How Do We Encourage More Girls into The Industry, Black Tech, LGBTQ+ Tech, Tech Returnships, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, How We Accelerated D&I Initiatives During the Pandemic, Understanding Your Bias, How Do We Foster More Diversity in Tech, How can Companies be Inclusive to Attract Diverse Talent

What’s included?
Early access to get to know the platform and build your personal agenda
Access to all keynotes, panels and content (there are no restricted areas)
Access to all chat rooms
Access to the virtual expo to meet our partners
Access to our networking lounges
Access to meet the speakers
Access to three networking evenings
Free entry to all competitions for our prestigious prizes
Post conference access to revisit all of our content for 30 days
Free access to our early morning and evening networking sessions on our virtual networking platform (first 1000 tickets only)

Pay it forward
For every ticket bought, we will gift a ticket to an individual out of work, a returner to the industry or a youngster studying for a tech career. If you would like to apply for one of these tickets, please email

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