How to Respond When Your Mind Goes Blank?

  • 15th October 2018

  • Workshop

  • 2:30 PM-3:30 PM

Parts of this workshop will be recorded for a demo video, hence the free nature of the workshop. If as an audience member you do not want to be recorded, please sit at the back of the room and inform the cameraman.

Has someone started speaking over you in a meeting?
Have you faced a barrage of questions before you finished your idea?
If you have been in these situations and your mind went blank, this workshop is for you.

Come to this 1 hour workshop if you would like to be able to:

Understand why you were interrupted
Know how to respond even when your mind goes blank
Know how to move the meeting forward when someone interrupts

“In a challenging meeting it allowed me to remove my emotions from the situation and progress the topic at hand by considering where the other party was coming from, and how we could rectify the doubts they had. By the end of the meeting, I was able to get the outcome we wanted.”

Eoin McCann, Marketing Campaign Manager, ARM

Workshop is delivered by Adelina Chalmers, known as The Geek Whisperer

Adelina transforms communication skills into algorithms, protocols and formulas engineers and scientists easily understand. The first engineer Adelina helped with his communication skills became an entrepreneur who was skilled in pitching his ideas, and three years later became a multimillionaire.

Adelina works with the University of Cambridge, helping engineers and scientists from across the world learn how to transform research into business and launch their innovative technology by partnering with industry.

One of Adelina's key skills that her clients love is that she can pitch to them their own ideas, on the spot, unrehearsed, and give them huge insights into their project and why, how and what to pitch.

Adelina has won numerous speaking competitions and speaks five languages fluently.

Clients include: ARM, Cambridge Enterprise, Taylor Vinters, Amy Wheatherup (Cambridge Angel/Institute for Manufacturing), Agri-tech East, NIAB, BSPB, Simprints, Repositive, Cambridge Judge Business School, Cranfield University School of Engineering and School of Business, University of East Anglia Business School, London Metropolitan University Business School, McKesson, Pearson and many others.

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