Inspirational Women Series

We are passionate about promoting female entrepreneurship and encouraging more women to step forward to become leaders in their organisations and the communities in which they live. The ‘Inspirational Women Series’ is all about celebrating and sharing the stories of our female entrepreneurs unfiltered and unedited, and showcasing the networks or organisations that they run.

IW Series featuring Soraya Jones

Our featured guest this month is Soraya Jones, who was born and raised in Malaysia and who left at 17 to study in the US. Her values are built upon education and knowledge, both of which she needed to remove herself from the predominantly male society she was born into and to become the successful business person/entrepreneur she is today. Soraya was the first CEO of Cambridge Wireless (CW) and by the time she stepped down in 2015, she had grown the business to a membership of over 400 companies and 20 industry-focused Special Interest Groups making it one of the premier tech clusters in the UK.

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IW Series featuring Babita Devi

This article is focused on Babita Devi who is a mother, coach and entrepreneur. She set up bStrategic in 2004 - a marketing company helping organisations connect more effectively with their customers. In 2015, she started a journey of setting up a technology company called mySircles - an App to help build stronger communities. What followed was a journey best described as going from tech overwhelm to tech-savvy with the culmination of mySircles being launched last September. She has also mentored marketing teams and more recently started coaching female business owners. Her 90-day transformation program is designed to help people that are looking to make a change from the inside out, in particular working Entrepreneurs that quite often can be in the way of their own success.

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IW Series featuring Nicky Shepard

Nicky Shepard is the Account Manager at Cofinitive, and has a long and extensive career across multiple sectors, including sales, communications, events, education and HR. Her purpose in life is simply to help make the world a better place, and she believes that by making changes as individuals, we’re able to create change on a larger level.


IW Series featuring Alexandra Grigore

Alexandra Grigore is the co-founder of Simprints. A Romanian native, she moved to the UK to study Chemical Engineering and planned to work within the field of Nanotechnologies. However, she could quickly see that the tech she was working on wouldn’t help people in need fast enough for her, so she helped to found the charity, Simprints.


IW Series featuring Emmi Nicoll

Emmi Nicholl is the Deal Sorcerer for Cambridge Angels, a collective of Cambridge Angel investors who provide guidance and financial support to help grow innovative and disruptive technology businesses, and Emmi is one of the key figures in leading this grand pursuit. Before this, however, she was worked in operational and governance roles, so her transition to the Angels was a smooth one.


IW Series featuring Thayer Prime

Thayer Prime is a self made woman, leaving school at 16 to pursue a career and support herself. Her passion is the inclusion of marginalised people in technology and build character, being a C-level strategic adviser for the last 15 years.


IW Series Featuring Lara Khalaf

Lara Khalaf is an Executive Coach, supporting women in business to become extraordinary leaders. Hard work, determination, and love are the three main qualities that most define her career and life accomplishments to date.


IW Series featuring Rachel Drury

Rachel is a creative producer, fundraiser and strategist who leads on Collusion’s forward strategy, fundraising and partnership development. For 15 years, Rachel worked at a senior level for Arts Council England contributing to strategic developments. Since leaving she's raised in excess of £2.5 million for a range of arts projects.


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