CamCreatives: Wearing your heart on your sleeve: The DressCode story

  • 27th September 2018

  • Meet Up

  • 7:30 PM-9:30 PM

DressCode launches it’s online retail business this September with the Live I.T, Love I.T event in Cambridge. The business is already working with several Cambridge tech businesses and this month sees the customer journey expand into the online retail space.

The company was founded in 2017 by Andy Boothman – who has over 20 years experience creating a buzz for clients with his 'busy as AB’ branding business.

In developing this business Andy has been wearing two hats - client and creative - balancing budget constraints and creative ideas, mixing the disciplines and learning lots of new skills and techniques.

This month Andy will share his journey with you and talk about…

How it all started: the challenge and stepping outside of your comfort zone, feeling like a flight of fancy and walking on cloud nine.

Two hats, one goal: Running two businesses that support one another.

The power of networking: growing a virtual team, making a creative process business proficient, streamlining processes, automation and a support network.

Creative v Client: there shouldn’t be a "them and us", the power of working to a shared goal, the dynamics collaboration, communication and listening to your customers.

Copycats: what you can do to protect yourself, your designs and ideas.

Product development: learning new crafts and updating existing ones.

DressCode is all about expressing technology and a shared passion. Literally wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Brave...maybe. Scary...sometimes. Emotional…always. We’re designers, we’re experimental, we’re a place where digital meets traditional, embracing the best of both and mixing them... creating something new, something fresh.

We create beautiful shirts for everyone, from the individual to entire teams, companies or organisations. We’ve developed a range of unique garments that express everything you love about tech. All of our shirts have something to say. Some of them say it louder than others, but all of them say it with style.

So join us on Thursday, September 27th at The Bradfield Centre to hear Andy's story and get a peek at the shirts!

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