Building Resilience - Leadership Masterclass for Founders

  • 18th August 2020

  • Online Event

  • 5:30 PM-7:00 PM

Develop the mindset you and your team need to succeed
Have you ever noticed that some people/organisations seem to come out of adversity unscathed? It's not that they don't deeply experience the challenge, but rather how they approach and navigate it that makes the difference between those that struggle and those that succeed.

What the session will focus on:
• What resilience means, and where we see this in individuals and organisations

• A digestible, practical model that outlines what is required to move forward in adversity

• Practical ways to access building resilience and forming an action plan around them.

The masterclass will involve a mixture of whole group conversation with Annie Hanekom, and splitting into breakout rooms at various points for small group structured discussions. The aim of this format is to both allow you to hear key points from Annie, as well as discuss ideas and pain points with founders in a similar position to you.

How to Attend
Please sign up in eventbrite, the webinar URL will be emailed privately to confirmed attendees.

Please note that the event will not be recorded for future viewing given its live interactive nature.

About the Speaker
Annie Hanekom is Director of Proteus Leadership. Annie is an executive coach, facilitator and leadership practitioner - she advises on people strategy, team coaching and leadership development.

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